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Slaughterhouse Blues
Slaughterhouse Blues

Slaughterhouse Blues
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  • Slaughterhouse Blues
    Guitar, Vocals
Living round here’s like a slaughter house
Folks come in but they don’t come out
Everyone’s get a little blood on their hands
When you fight over pennies dollars & cents

You don’t need no college degree
The unemployment rate is worse than it seams
and if you don’t take to drink and you don’t take to drugs
You work till you die, or your body gives out

I’ve got the Slaughter House Blues
I’ve got the Slaughter House Blues

It’s not just this government that I blame
It takes decades to let it get this bad
Between industry and the wealthy
Who’s there left to think about me?

There ain’t been revival since the church shut it’s doors
and I guess that’s been 10 years or more
But there’s still folks waiting for a sign
I just don’t got it in me to keep that kind of faith alive

well i’ve made plans to quit this town
with a boy who’s got a car that’ll take me
it don’t matter if we crash and burn
just as long as we don’t return
to the Slaughter House

I’ve got the Slaughter House Blues
I’ve got the Slaughter House Blues