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What Goes Around
What Goes Around

Looking for a vocalist/rapper to write/voice on this track.
Total Collaborators: 2 Total Tracks: 1 Last Updated: on 19/5/15
Current Status: Collaborating Genres: Hip Hop, Pop, Rap
License: Commercial Song Key: BPM: 80

  • What Goes Around
Its the Irate to the Genius Im Catchin bodies like diseases With a flow so cold One track you sold my style is the cleanest Im an Animal locked up cages so consumed by blind rage When Im in the booth I spit the truth Im the hottest out the newest craze (x2)

Verse 1:
Im a lyric hypnotic psychotic kind of neurotic chaotic killin the beats Im bout it What ever you need I got it Used to think that I was Eminem but I don’t think the world is ready for another rapper like him again I got just a hint of that brutal honesty that make them rappers tuck their tail between their legs before they flee Just know Im gunnin for top spots Im linin up drop shots And when the beat does stop Im still goin in non stop

Verse 2:
Lyrical miracle I have yet to reach my pinnacle My rhymes are analytical and a flow that’s unequivocal to anyone out without a doubt MNy name Im tryin to get a shout Cuz the best way to get you noticed is word of mouth United Republic blessed this track with a mix and was lookin for an artist to drop some fire with a spit So when I heard it my persona just decided to take me over So im a knock it out the park and get that dough like Homer

Verse 3:
You know I got that heat for who want You cant stop me This is more than just hobby its my motherfuckin callin Grim Reaper on the track Im claimin bodies droppin knowledge any track I will demolish with a flow that’s oh so flawless Hip hops version of SHIELD Im avenging the lost art I have to be different that’s what sets me far apart from the rest Im not the best but I got the desire to take it to another level and a vocab that should make any rapper tremble I resemble what rap was and what I has the chance to become The likes of every legend is what Im tryin to be among Restore and recreate what the greats have put in place Cuz the shit that’s being played is just a damn disgrace Im Irate about it but my genius calms me down My flow is never cloned Im my own unique sound Im on a take over all this weak shit I will drown So I sit back and wait for these rappers to try and put me down