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To figure out if my song is missing anything.
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    Bass, Snare, Hi Hat, Etc.
My cover be workin a 9 to 5 but I'm on the grind do all of my shit on the sly niggas be hatin from time to time could give a fuck less cause I'm riden by and bye gotta stay high cause I'm so fly gotta yo bitch wantin to be by my side wanna be like me then get on yo grind tell them not yets stop wastin my time poppin bottle them wit the team rock tha color money green the kid be so slick like oil sheen dippin the cut just to count my Creme when I'm on scene gotta stay clean filling myself like morphine we be tearin the club up me an my team be fucked up gettin turnt up so what nigga please don't get bucked up catch close up cause we living the dream but this be a reality scene yaho mean ball out for them dollars make her wanna holla drop it to the flow a then bring it slow grindin on me can't no more don't do no tricks that hoe gotta go they be like the kid so swagg out bro I be like got damn I already kno...

Chorus: Taken it up notch...

I'm goin insane right off the membrane jus like a flame I'm to hott tame it's to many lames fuckin up the game played wit the pussy then shorty came I'm feelin plain dislike niggas dat wanna claim a dame maintain an regain keeps you in the fame no shame reframe L7 must be yo name ying an yang creates peace that's the game whose to blame what's my name what's my name it's child's play when it comes to women mane wats the gain without the pain where's yo brain you soft like downy Hanes see through you like a window frame claimed yo girl my boo thang Rollin over niggas bowlin lane I'm feelin high like Eddie Kane David Blaine where's my Mary Jane Only loud indo coursin through my vains point taken none given call her open drain hoes lined around the corner like a metra train I'm too smooth mane gone off dat propane ballin on these niggas like Deng I'm feelin refreshed fuck a rang I'm too deranged savage brigade ready to bang like...