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dear fan
Dear Fan

song like snoop doggy style; with real vip refrain. You can get it on licensing at BMI;Music report or sacem/ADAMI; for remix, recording deal and more.
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Current Status: Collaborating Genres: Dance, Easy Listening, Hip Hop
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  • Hip Hop Style Dooggy Style Chorus
It's to thank you for your letter,
that you sent me there a few semesters
Dear fan, as I said in my title unexpected
I had (had) to hump to get out,
I know that thou hast much anticipated
And even view my post at the head of your bed,
You've searched my cd in the charts and collections,
Don't worry, this is my first cd and it's not the last,
I'm here to stay, even in self-production,
Even if the system has changed so much

I write these lines,
I tell you sincerely,
You're part of my VIP,
I'm waiting for next concert
Come! Come!

If the tires burst, we will change them,
Meanwhile the moment of truth
For you are my reason to sing.
Thanks to you I find myself in this room
This disc I wanted sincere
So he tells the reason for this silence,
In preparing quietly
Away from the cameras and the press.
Besides I was not running,
But even when watching the Big Dipper,
Now that I'm here
You can expect more autographs
You bother to ask me,
Life is well. Yes, it's also.YEAH

After my book, I'll always be there,
Even when I leave, my voice will sound,
You said you want to know the title of my next album?
Please sign up for my newsletter, you know!
For now discover my universe;
And visit my website
I know you'll be proud of me now
When I'm in the tank's on stage,
I'll give you a wink to thank you,
Your letter touched me deeply,
And I am delighted that over time
Your love has not changed,
For better late than never
For festivals, concerts, and that goes with it,

Now I know you're surprised
My new writing style,
I just wanted to make a return to origins,
Rap moral, as the initial
The myth of the compromise,
And I had promised you,
With me, you'll always be surprised,
But I always forget not my sacred side,
There has to listen to my title victory
You start to believe me now?
It is time to leave thee,
For there my new manager who has just arrived,
It has plans to record an album or mix tape,