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Break From The Triangle (prod. Beebs Production)
Break From The Triangle (prod. Beebs Production)

Coming from the Bermuda Triangle, what else can ruin you? When all you know are ruins. 21 sq Miles of ruins. How can I be the Milestone for the 21 sq Mile Stone?
Total Collaborators: 1 Total Tracks: 1 Last Updated: on 14/4/15
Current Status: Collaborating Genres: R & B, Rap
License: Commercial Song Key: n/a BPM: 80

  • Break From Tha Triangle
Somebody Let these niggas know they cant represent they city in they city.
Just dont work like that.

Spark a J then spark a mind. Change the world and city same time.

25 2 5
Double 4 UNO

Whats good

Born in devils isles
Where they never make it out
21 square miles
Set a milestone if you make it out

95 nigga . 9-5 just aint working out
Me & my girl latest aint working out

I blame it on the timing
All these bars.
Im just tryn put the time in

Ion make it with this rhyming, nigga gon be eating ramen
Never had a silver spoon, i had GOALS i jus never put the time in..
You know how that goes.

Lyrically gifted at every presence
Im a chrisis
Its a must
You get behind this
And stay focused

Im still lost in the same place i wrote this
Trapped in my conscience
But a nigga is open minded

Ion mind its still effective
Weapon of mass creation
Concealed my weapon

Let em see what IM WORKING they start shifting perspectives

I'll leave AT THAT like mentions
Flo nice like progressive
Buildin that buzz cause its all about progression
Breaking them buds nigga when i get a second

Just to get that buzz back just in case i lessened

You just gotta listen

Lyricism get you tangled
Then again

Came out the triangle

Had to COME UP on my owm
Aint nothing to a nigga like me

NFR not forreal so them niggas gone.
Aint got nothing for a nigga like me

Girls only chase, when a nigga dropping songs
Aint nothig to a nigga like me

Aint heard from my day 1s since first days outta high school
So its just me & shawn P

A&Rs aint answering they phones
Still nothing to a nigga like me

Still working just as hard as I did from the jump
That aint nothing to a nigga like me.

Had to cut some niggas off
Cause they leaching
Stop playing I can read yo energy

Through it all, i still remain me
Came out the ruins . They jus couldnt ruin me

Im from the TRIANGLE x2


Straight outta devils hole
Making all the noise

They never thought I'd pose as a threat

picture em shook like Polaroids

Why you so paranoid?

Its just me, the nigga never gave videos or beats.
Nor feedback
But ion even need that

You want you beats back?
Cause i dont even need that

Gotta stay APART Cause a nigga so complex. If you dont know what i meant. I'll change the context, you niggas no longer my contacts.

1 time for Swift

The Revolutionary's

Boy we really up next
Thats all i got left.
So we gone WRITE till we
break bread

Cause niggas out for yo head just to get ahead..
Cant trust a soul
Niggas sell that for the bread too

Musta thought it all ENDS when you dead
I'll take the limelight to ENLIGHTen ya'll instead.

Im HOT DAWG you could throw me on whatever.
Swift told me bout the flow state
Since then a nigga been flowing on whatever
Broke barriers
Now i need a break from the triangle
PASS the throne to whoever
The revolutionaries out for better
Lyricism get you tangled
Then again

Came out that.. Triangle


I gotta save the youth from themselves, growing up on idols thats only for themselves.......


Cause they aint made it, then nobody spose to make it. But thats just its made and thats all that i been thinking.

The system made to put us down.
But thats juat how we living

So i aint coming home WITH nothing less than a million

Ways to relieve my mom stress
I been building..

Conditions getting worst.
Im gone get you out that building

ItzBuzzoHoe peep the buzz that a nigga buildin
So when you hear my name in the building.... Come on
So break somn down. Bouta
Berry the the flow fruitlessly
Dont act like you notice me
Same nigga used to spit poems in ms key holmes Class... nigga come on
I just a little more class
Im getting grown...

They said god in the sky. But in disguise that was a way to pay bills..
Some relegions , turns to lies
When you realize
They cant all coexist
Thats yo demise


They cant kill you Twice

I said IM half white, but a nigga still soulful
This is food for thought
You anerexic
To the soul food

Take a trip in my size 10 soles
It aint gone be no stroll
Thats the truth
Be so blunt that you could
smoke my truth
Smell that when we coming through
Only gonna hurt these girls hearts cause i been the truth
A Ruthless nigga but she giving top when she coming through

Its nothing new

But allow me introduce
The True MC
Just check the truancy.

Been in the game & going deeper
You just wait and see

This, gateway substance done led me hear though
So lemme put some substance in yo ear hoe

Got my weight up just to enlighten ya'll hoes

Miss me with that bull, im waving that red flag on these hoes