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The Naked Song
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the song is about how i know im the best rapper in my town and how i will continue to grow my rapping prowess to lock in the number one spot
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  • PSA
wanted to be the new Malcolm X
but then i failed so i decided to choose rappin next
and ya'll pale in comparison to me just stop it
ya songs aint poppin
lyrics aint jaw droppin
that means you gotta step up
if you not you getting swept up
and tossed in the trash
with you and ya garbage raps
you niggas is average im above all of that
you niggas acting like pussys i dont fuck with black cats
needed some vitiaim D aint been outside in a mintue
and you niggas is tweaked think you surviving the pillage
when i rob you of your fans
you aint meeting there demands
they open up their hands and you give em crap
nothings ok with that
i kill your whole career
till all you hear is the angels flap
all i hear is voices talk
saying im the greatest
but im nameless like when Jordan start
as tall as napoleon goin to break your bones apart
music is my pacemaker i am raps tony stark
and my raps only spark a vision in ya brain
that makes you feel insane
and im saying that im sane but really crazy the whole time
theses aint dull rhymes man this shit as sharp as machetes
cutting the levees
bringing the heavy
rain on your parade till about seven o'clock
heard ya girl ran a train with about seventy cocks
but thats nun of my bizness and i embellish alot
saying you cant touch me
doing my hammer dance
in my parachute pants hoping to land
on record deal or a couple of bands
spend it on my mama
pay for the drama that i caused
cause you know shit gets popping when ace is involved
all of ya'll fall prey to the idis
ever thing i touch is gold call a nigga midis
dont be talking bout ya ex im trying to leave the past behind us
saying all i want is sex so when i leave please dont be cryin
ya think ya shits fire its cooler than liquid nitrogen
wrapped inside of a cold cut
floating on a cold front
and the beat is rocking like ya head when i throw blows
ya girl in band so she blowing me like her oboe
oh no ace please dont hurt em
can promise no casualties when i lyrically burn them
hoping this analogy is flowing like water does
and my bitches whiter than released mike Jackson dove uh
tired of rapping and not hearing the same things that im spitin
and im wishing that you'll actually listen to me when i say stuff
you guys never wanna replay stuff i mean
i be spitting some shit you never heard off
just trying to be fly as Fred Flintstones bird was
im thinkin bout them cartoons like my last song i dont remember what it waaaasss
damn im absent-minded
this the type of beat that need some fire behind it
i could just kenderick control you with a verse
but i dont want ya mama paying for the hearse
for ya funeral cost nigga im lost nigga