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The Naked Song
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This song is an all time feel good song. It will put you in a state of mind of Will Smith's "Summer Time" cause everyone loves Friday just how they love the summer time.
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  • Friday
Hook: I am Calimar White and I'm here to let you know everything is alright(alright)/ let ya sorrows go tonight baby cause it's friday, it's friday/ i been working all week geesh, I'm tired as hell, but tonight I'm gone enjoy myself, I'm feeling swell maybe cause its friday, friday baby

Verse 1:Samantha a cancer, and amber a dancer but I am gods gift you just a Lil gift from santa/ I just painted the phanthom, yellow banana fanta, shout out to dro for learning me bout salamander sandals/ I'm the shit get some pampers, and get you a camera cause I'm stunting for that little city right next to tampa/ know you feeling this sample, I'm the perfect example, of a fine young man who don't owe you no answers/ need a girl who gone love me who I can take out in public, girl I can change ya style, but let's change the subject/ family reunions in summer, I flirt with all my cousins, i be thinking boy i bet her booty soft as a muffin/ when it come to that reffah I smoke Jackie not keisha, ion like to drink but I might sip on rasperita/ and i got a Lil secret, I got a thing for them libras, tonight I'm wearing a white tee so they can hate on my sneakers

Verse 2: They gone make me put on my ice, but ima be nice, My dawg in the pen, and I need one to write , him a Lil kite to let him know I'm aiight, and I ain't rocko but I'm living the modern life/ my chick look like a barbie, from the bottom I started, and now I'm rocking fashion you won't see on the market/ boy i cant be lethargic, top of the charts is my target and ion need red bottoms if I'm on the red carpet/ might pull up in a bucket or pull up in a cutlass, betta keep ya girl from round me or she might get abducted/ i keep it real so ima let you know I ball on a budget, and if you push on my button yo jaw will get readjusted/ yea, but anywho, RIP to Forbes swisher, my A1 from day one boy i won't forget ya/ all i have in my possession is some old pictures, I can't believe they killed ya, he died the day before...