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Best dad ever
Best Dad Ever

I am in need of a smooth beat. Something silly-like, frantic. This is gonna be one of thoose songs with completely ridiculous and provocative lyrics, but hard rhymes. It is about abortion instead of having children when you are 18 years old, without a job or education. Maybe a little inspired by
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You just got her pregnant
Then i wonder why the fuck in hell you are so ignorant
What ever you think you can provide is irrelevant quit selling it cause im not buying it
You should sit back for a while and rethink this
Im implying that, yes isnt it obvious what im saying is im not playing around not trynna make you frown or create blizz
Im just saying that the truth of the matter of the fact is
You two should get an abortion
Set things in motion
Get some sense into your girl
May massage her with some sensible lotion,
I mean sensual lotion, love potion
To focus on an embryo exportion
Believe me you wont be so glad to be a freshly baked father
When you're eighteen years old and rather
Get loose do hard drugs and party harder
And well, caring for your child compared to partying, it is harder
You don't have the money
So then neither the availability
To take responisbility
For a child and evitably
You'll become a shitiest dad someone ever had
-Shit my bad