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The Naked Song
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Fresh out the gate.
Fresh Out The Gate.

Project goal is simple, have something that people can jam to while they drive and smoke. Im a new generation of Artist, who will help start the movement of Punk rap, Rae sremmurd is a unique new group with there style. I got my style, Party Rap more or less, it's a risk but it'll work.
Total Collaborators: 1 Total Tracks: 1 Last Updated: on 14/4/15
Current Status: Collaborating Genres: New Wave, Punk, Rap
License: Commercial Song Key: BPM: 130

  • Eyes Low
    Bass, Funk, Claps

Eyes low like miyagi bad bitch call me papi give her lump a coal for christmas cuz she been so naughty
A town get money Chi town got them killas beat that pussy like its tokyo and im godzilla yea im smokin blunts to the face
it is filled with purple killa C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A WHERE my niggas? shout out to them thots and all
these pretty bitches when im rollin in my whip im usually rollin swishas roll up on yo bitches
im that nigga smokin skrilla like im skrillex get this bread fuck how you feelin all my niggas ball like krillin
find me at the crib straight chillin whats this feelin must be the liquor, cloud9 be goin so hard aint no sicker

el che guava in-fluential nigga fire no lava green a bigger picture you inchin and shit i be movin through time
you get no money i be on my grind yo bitch is too ugly my bitch is so fine way too many hos I dont answer they calls
in the paint man im sun'in like chris paul flexin on niggas til my arms fall off pull up in the skirt then i take
yo ho, oh you could hate but you still broke, dont give a fuck, about yo ho, usually chillin and im smokin some dro
gettin this money and im ridin high really my nigga thats all you show know


Wax on - wax off, hit the bong blast off, she gone twerk her ass off then im finna pour it up
all my niggas smokin in here really do not give a fuck. but they get that shit from me smokin so much fuckin weed
so high in space takin blunts to the face come back down to the earth tell yo ho come in peace
do not fuck with you because you a hater and that bitch is badder than billy the kid
man im so high i take off like a spaceship i chill on the moon and ya look like some ants
gettin my money up front and rightnow and i handle my biz gettin checks in advance

smokin so much damn i say damn feelin myself bitch im the man gettin that paper cash in my hand bitch is so bad
lay in my bed she said she smart gimmie some brain, doin my thang chillin in my own lane, finna invest cashin some
checks feel like 50 grand thats just my neck! So fresh so clean nigga ima flex run up on me bitch you get wrecked.
dont so that cuz the bullets connect red ring of death, all in yo chest, gettin this money all about checks
im done with that bitch who just called next man im so swag these hos breakin they necks
when i roll up its a festival festival smokin a blunt while im eatin some edibles gettin so much man the shit is
incredible cheddar on cheddar the shit is incheddable cheese is too edible exctra bossin when im gettin my
vegetables broccli and karats niggas try to copy me like a parats polly want a cracker well too bad fuck you!