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Queen of the nile
Queen Of The Nile

Its a hip hop love joint...about a honey I went to high school with. Back in school it wasn't easy to get it on with honey, simply because girls back then didn't understand us "hiphop heads" for rap music and basketball weren't very popular in South African youth culture in general.We meet up after
Total Collaborators: 1 Total Tracks: 1 Last Updated: on 18/3/15
Current Status: Collaborating Genres: Dance, Hip Hop, Rap
License: Commercial Song Key: N/A BPM: 105

  • Queen Of The Nile And Pyramids
    Drums,bass,hi Hats,snares,piano
{chorus} analog man in digital world/get kiss and a dance on the pyramid sand/hold hands at the beach holly wood sunset/ I wanna get it on with the brown skin girl

Chinese, Arabic,Swahili,English
I l.o.v.e Jah bless that chick
highschool uniform examination hall
was the other guy at the valentine ball
10 years later little bit of paper
ticket to Jamaica big booty flavor
now I turn around meeting up at the border
cell phone number facebook picture
me in the mixture African sister
chillin' red hot like a big peri-pepper
plan for a date I you
seek job hip hop I still think of you
voice mail inbox oh girl where are you
see many with my eye but I only want you
forget a bit about folks just focus on you
been calling for days when will you come thru


{hook} like Brick and the Lace she wicked-wicked/Genie in a lamp do grant me 1 wish/like J A Rule I'm a' holla holla/run ting's rude boy take girl she's yours

from the Nile to pyramids I promise to do you right all the days of my life
had my eyes on you honey since I started to rhyme
was always the other guy at the back of the line
doing it for the love its what its about
cash money fame fortune don't matter that much
when you got nobody after the party
to give you the real thing not a showbiz groupie


lets go around the world on elephant back
from the Taj Mahal to the Great wall of China
right back to the Sahara kiss in the Savanna
cruise to Havana and do the cha-cha in the Copa Cabana



show goes on and the night is yours
play hard to get like going on tour
disco lights turntable dance floor
music in the air hot girl its yours