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The Naked Song
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Music and Pride
Music And Pride

The Instrumental has already been provided from youtube for non-profit use and I will record over the beat
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Current Status: Pre Release Genres: Hip Hop, Rap
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Man I'm feeling so alive and I'm gleaming with pride,
but I'll never let em take it and I won't let it slide,
coz I feel so determinated and just angry inside,
so I'm taking all my feelings and I put em to rhymes,
counting every question that I feel inside of my mind,
and fighting with the council and I'm fighting every member,
coming with an axe and your limbs to dismember,
giving you these nightmares and the dreams to remember,
and they're trying to take our music and they're tryna take our pride,
but I won't let that happen slong as I know I'm alive,
so I'm fighting with these people who are spreading these lies,
who are always tryna take away the happiness of life,
but I won't let it happen and I won't let it slide
and everything about me has already fucking died,
and I never felt pressured and I never ever cried,
coz I'll never let em take me and I'll never lose my pride,
but now its coming down to that one final moment,
they think that they'll break me and they that they'll own it,
but I'm feeling all the hunger that's just raging inside,
and they're about to see my capabilities of my pride,
so for you to be the winner then I'd have to have died,
and I'm thinking about the times I believed all your lies,
but that was your last which lead to your own demise,
and achieving this victory will be my final prize,
coz you will never take me,

you will never make,
you will never take me
so don't ever wish about a chance to ever fucking break me,
coz you will never shake me,
you will never wake me,
so don't ever wish about a chance to ever realize me,
your never gonna see,
your never gonna be,
the person who will take away the life in me,
coz this is my world and the place to be,
So all you people listen up and follow me!