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Since Records Began

I'm looking for a singer songwriter to compose and sing a melody to these lyrics ince Records Began We hit it off, then you moved in We fell out on the first night Can’t recall what’s about But all we did was fight You packed your bags and headed out Up the street you ran Shortest re
Status: Collaborating    Access: Public    Created: Mar 15th 2014, 21:22

one piece at a time

about cars
Status: Collaborating    Access: Public    Created: Mar 20th 2015, 03:25

Coast Ridaz( in the sky)

To MR.Snoop Dogg. Im CeeCee.. abitious I am to get to meet u..greet you and chat about a song idea/collabrations and appreciation for music so special and appealling gift to share and fun dance art and charm. I believe this songs a a great idea. It has potential as anything! Im a Costa wich is coast
Status: Collaborating    Access: Invite Only    Created: Apr 18th 2015, 22:34

Never Gonna Not

Looking to market this song in country circuits.
Status: Collaborating    Access: Private    Created: Oct 30th 2015, 10:11