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Status: Collaborating    Access: Private    Created: Nov 6th 2014, 06:56

Break - Free Radical

Want more? New Songs, New Team, New Tapes. Keep up to date for Tj Smackz's Mixtape Papercuts and the crew FreeRadical Free Radical
Status: Collaborating    Access: Public    Created: Mar 16th 2015, 16:58

Fresh out the gate.

Project goal is simple, have something that people can jam to while they drive and smoke. Im a new generation of Artist, who will help start the movement of Punk rap, Rae sremmurd is a unique new group with there style. I got my style, Party Rap more or less, it's a risk but it'll work.
Status: Collaborating    Access: Public    Created: Mar 19th 2015, 14:07


Just want to know if it sounds good, or if anything needs to change
Status: Collaborating    Access: Public    Created: Oct 20th 2015, 05:21