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The Naked Song
Music Collaboration Made Easy


The Naked Song is a music collaboration website that allows musicians from around the world to collaborate in as close to real time as possible. As the producer of your own song, you have total control over who contributes to your work. You can accept and decline fellow musicians to suit your requirements, and our unique collaboration room allows you to see what is being uploaded instantly and layers each track. You can listen to each layer, and comment on it through our instant chat system, requesting changes, making suggestions, or accepting what has been uploaded. You can also ask others to join you to help finish your creation. Once your song is finished, you can have it professionally mixed, or have it up loaded to our streaming service for the world to hear. Our site also protects the individuals Intellectual Property as each and every piece of information is date and time stamped for your piece of mind.

The Naked Song (TNS) concept was born 4 years ago by musicians in Melbourne Australia who collaborated on a regular basis in their garage. One of them moved to a different country so they started to use chat rooms to collaborate with each other. They found that their work was out in the open, so copyright became a big concern. They looked for specific collaboration sites, and found several, however most of these sites only introduced musicians to each other. The files still had to be emailed which was time consuming and slow, and it was hard to communicate on what they really wanted in a riff, hook etc. 

From these experiences and four long years of development The Naked Song was launched. It’s been tested by music professionals and amateurs to ensure the user experience is second to none. Best of all its free to use and you won’t be bombarded with advertising. We have many projects in the pipeline which will only enhance your experience with The Naked Song in the future.

Q. Is it free to join and collaborate on The Naked Song?
A. Yes of course! However there are lots more features available to upgraded members, such as rights protection, and the ability to have unlimited song projects.

Q. What benefits do I get as an upgraded member?
A. The following benefits are available to our upgraded members...
  • • Unlimited Song Projects
  • • Rights Management of your song projects
  • • The ability to collaborate on other peoples non-public projects
  • • The ability to start your own private projects